How to Create a Blog on WordPress

Writing is the best form of expressing yourself. If you have something deep inside or if you just want to rant, you can let it out by writing it down. There is a possibility that you will fall in love with this method and you will find yourself to be good at it.

If you feel that you have a knack for writing and want to share your words with the world, we suggest you take up blogging. A blog is easy to set up, and many people from over the world visit various blogs daily to have a read. Before you know it, you might be one of the biggest bloggers of your time.

Why Choose WordPress

There are many options that you can use when selecting a website to create your blog, but we suggest WordPress. It is accessible to everyone over the world and is simple to set up. It also comes with many different features that you can add to make your blog look more attractive. Best of all, it is free, though if you want more advanced settings or need other high caliber features, you will need to pay a little to add them to your blog.

How to Set Up Your Blog

Once you have chosen WordPress as your blogging platform, it is time for you to start creating your account.

Choose Your Domain

Make sure that you choose a unique and attractive domain name for your blog. Just don’t pick anything or assign the domain given to you by WordPress. This is because the first impression you make on your audience will leave a lasting impact on their mind. Secondly, it will help improve your ranking in various search engines.

Whichever domain name you choose should be short and define your blog or brand. Also, make sure that it is easy to pronounce with a spelling that everyone can guess in the first go.

Choose Your Theme

The next thing you need to do is to select a theme for your blog. Make sure the text part of your blog is easy to read and visible for all. Secondly, choose the color scheme that best defines your writing style or your brand. Another thing you must keep in check is that the layout of the blog is user-friendly so that it is easier for people to locate various topics.

Add Images Where Needed

If you want to add pictures to your front page or to the blogs that you have added, find some good ones online and add them. If you have taken your own pictures, then add them as this gives a personal feel to the blog.

Add Some Content

An empty blog is never attractive, so when you set up the page, make sure you add at least a few blog posts so that people have something to read when they visit your page.

Check the Plugins You Need

There are various plugins available on WordPress. Go through them and add the ones that you feel will best suit your profile.

Sign Up and Install WordPress

Once you sign up a blog with a web host, you make it accessible to a mass audience. Your content will be saved, and everyone will be able to view it when they visit.

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